Safety Rules for Individuals in Surrey

While we provide the products and services necessary to protect your home, office, or car, we also educate our clients on simple steps they can take to protect their homes. Burglars can be crafty, but we’ll teach you how to be craftier when it comes to protecting your home with methods that cost you next to nothing.

Exterior Security Precautions

Windows, skylights, pet doors, patio doors, garage and carport access doors, upper level balcony doors and small bathroom windows are common forced entry points for intruders. We encourage customers to remove trees or branches that give burglars access to upper levels. We also advise our customers to always leave some lights on in your house at night. You should also:

  • Re-key all locks before moving into a new home
  • Use deadbolt locks that extend at least 1 inch into the strike plate
  • Keep the garage locked at all times; sometimes garages contain tools that can be used to open the connecting door to your house or to attack your neighbor's house.

Security Precautions for Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings can carry a lot of risk when it comes to security. Depending on the number of tenants, you could be exposed to strange individuals with criminal intentions. It’s important to:

  • Open lobby doors for people you know
  • Cover up mail slots in your apartment door so no one can look in to determine if the apartment is empty
  • Re-key all locks after you move into a new residence
  • Leave your windows and sliding doors locked as thieves can jump or climb from balcony to balcony to gain access.

Staying Safe Abroad

If you’re leaving the country, it’s important to have someone check up on your house to make sure that everything is in order. There are a lot of risks that can be associated with idle homes. Some of the things you can do to protect your home include:

  • Ask a neighbor to park their car in your driveway
  • Use electrical timers to randomly turn lights on and off
  • Don't talk about your schedule to anyone.

Protecting Your Inventory

Businesses can be vulnerable to criminal activity at any time, whether you’re open or closed. Retail companies are especially susceptible to petty crime like theft. To make sure your inventory and your profits are protected, make sure you:

  • Change the combination for your safe often
  • Make frequent deposits so a minimal amount of cash is stored at your business
  • Vary your schedule and route to the bank when making deposits
  • Secure your safe to the floor.

Dealing with a Break & Enter

If you arrive home and a burglar is still in your home, don’t be a hero. Go to your neighbour’s house and call 911 as soon as possible. Don't let a crime against your property become a crime against your person.

Give us a call for all your security and safety needs in Surrey. If you have any questions about security protocol, call our experienced professionals at Beehive Locksmith.

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